About Us

Guide Dogs of Hawai‘i, a 501(C) (3) non-profit statewide organization has been conquering barriers in Hawai‘i for those without sight since 1955. We have transformed the lives of the blind and visually impaired by giving them hope and a chance to live a meaningful life. We have given the blind a guide dog and with that, mobility, and an opportunity to conquer barriers and live independently

With suitable aids, equipment and training, the blind can lead meaningful lives and participate in family, community, social activities and career opportunities.

Guide Dogs of Hawai‘i (GDH) also works with blind children and their parents and teachers. Many children born blind or who lose their sight early in life grow up with social and emotional problems, anxiety, dependency and impaired ego development. Supporting these children with adaptive technology aids and other services levels the playing field with their sighted peers; allowing them to grow up with confidence and a sense of independence. With a little extra help, they can excel academically and socially and have the life they yearn for.

Guide Dogs of Hawai‘i provides the blind and visually impaired crucial services that are not available anywhere else in Hawai‘i. GDH makes it possible for  them to achieve greater confidence!

Working toward equality & opportunity for all of Hawaii's Blind and visually impaired!

We can see the future! Through GDH services, Hawaii's blind and visually impaired individual will have equal access to education, employment and social opportunities, making for a meaningful life for all!.

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