Pre-school to High School Programs

A blind child needs nurturing, and GDH has programs designed to help these kids develop life skills that include academic and social development as well as parental support. Like all our programs, these services are free of charge.

Students on stage at the Student Led Conference

Cane Travel Lessons-teaches independence by learning how to travel and shop, building confidence and communication skills and providing canes, free of charge.

child with cane walking down stares.

Daily Living-adaptive aids for social engagement are provided so blind children can interact with sighted peers, of whom many do not know how to engage with the blind.

demonstration of daily living aids

Get Ahead with Technology-individual student assessment identifies disability-specific and academic and social needs and provides appropriate technological aids to empower the student. The program includes training and follow-up throughout public school.

two youth using braille equipment

Enchanted Hills Camp, Life Skills Learning Experience- Eligible participants of Get Ahead with Technology can further their education and socialization skills with this 7 to 10-day camp in San Francisco that is tailored to their interests and taught by specially trained instructors for the blind.

alt="campers standing around a cmpfire"

Guide Dog Services

You may be a dog lover, but if you are visually impaired, dogs are more than just your best friend. They are your eyes! These wonderful animals tirelessly work to protect and guide their handlers all day, every day.

Guide dog and guide dog handler

Guide Dog Program-provides financial support, dog training, and a suitably matched guide dog plus a four-week course that includes field training, lectures, tuition, transportation, lodging, and meals.

guide dog standing on bed.

Follow-Up Training-provides annual follow-up training with the handler and their dog to ensure all protocols are being met, dogs are being cared for properly, and handlers are getting the most out of their guide dogs.

follow-up training

Guide Dog Wellness-provides veterinary care and food for those unable to afford to keep their dogs in optimal health

child petting a guide dog
lab puppies
guide dog and handler

Adaptive Technology Aids

Adaptive aids continue to improve and evolve, allowing the blind and visually impaired to do more and live more productive lives. Many blind individuals now hold professional positions that twenty years ago would have been impossible to do. Thanks to technology the blind and visually impaired now have fewer limitations.

Guide Dogs of Hawai‘i regularly researches assistive devices that are beneficial to those without sight. Devices that are endorsed by the organization are provided free, to those in need. Such adaptive aids and technology Guide Dogs of Hawai‘i provides include:

"I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light." —Helen Keller

BrailleNote Touch

BrailleNote Touch

Romeo 6 Braille Embosser 

Romeo 6 Braille Embosser

Ruby 7 Magnifier 

Ruby 7 Magnifier

Victor Reader Trek

Victor Reader Trek

Apple iPad

Apple iPad

Seniors Harnessing Independence & Empowerment (SHINE)

Blind and visually impaired seniors often have more challenges as they lose their support network, develop health issues or battle with loneliness and isolation. SHINE helps seniors understand their vision condition while helping them lead independent lives. GDH facilitates seniors in taking part in social activities and building connections with others. We encourage seniors to get out in the community, safely and confidently, and provide the appropriate adaptive aids and training needed so they will no longer be forced to live isolated and dependent lives. SHINE helps seniors stay in contact with friends and family while teaching them the basics of daily living which will improve their quality of life.

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