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“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

If you or someone you know is under 18 years old, blind or visually impaired and a resident of Hawaii, we offer technology aids to enhance communication, adaptive aids to promote independence in everyday activities and create social opportunities to build a life of confidence.

Join our optimistic youth clients as they build technology and social skills that will prepare them for life.

Our youth services are described below. If you need something that we don’t offer, email us and together, let’s find a way to conquer barriers.

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Get Ahead with Technology (GAP)

Designed to level the playing field in education, our GAP program:

Some of the technology aids we provide are:

The registration table from a Student Led Conference. Two teenage boys use their braille and magnifying devices to sign in guests.

We know learning extends outside of the classroom so we:

Preschoolers don’t need to wait until they get into the school system to build confidence.  Get Ahead with Technology program:

Camp Get Ahead

A group of teens are heading to the pool. One girl is adjusting her backpack, turning her back to the camera and showing a Camp Get Ahead t-shirt. The boy on the right wears his towel around his neck and smiles as he looks toward the girl in the middle - who is holding her white cane in one hand and towel in the other. She has an enormous smile as she's in the middle of laughing.

Since 2018, youths from age 12 to 18 would spend 10 days at camp under the supervision of our program staff and volunteers.  This camp experience provides the opportunity for our youths to come together outside of school and build friendships while they learn independent living skills, showcase talents, learn to work as a team and nurture their leadership skills.

With every social experience, campers gain a greater confidence from:

Giants of Technology, Youth Achievers (GOT YA!)

Elementary and middle school students referred by their teacher for the visually impaired have the opportunity to expand their technology skills.  They learn individually at their own pace and come together to share experiences and support each other.

With the help of Hawaii’s dedicated Teachers for the Visually Impaired, this project has been designed and customized to meet our student’s growing technological needs as they move toward adulthood.  Qualifying students:

If you know a child who you believe will benefit from this program, request an assessment and referral from the child’s TVI.

We want to provide our youth achievers a path to become Giants of Technology!

If you know a child who you believe will benefit from this program, request an assessment and referral from the child’s TVI.

We want to see our youth achievers become Giants of Technology!

Connect the Dots

A middle-school aged boy holds up a tablet device that's displaying a photo with large text.

A podcast team of youths between ages 12 to 18 come together to create podcasts about anything a blind or visually impaired youth wants to share or learn about and are focused on providing a vehicle where youths may come together to reinforce their skills in talent, public speaking, experience and networking.

The podcast team

Interested in joining the crew?  Email us for more information.

Words from Our Clients

Young boy smiles and throws a shaka while showing his iPad to the camera. The iPad is in a keyboard case and displays the Guide Dogs of Hawaii logo on the screen.

“Thank you for the thoughtful support! The iPad and its related accessories that you sent to [LB] via Teacher for the Visually Impaired were thoughtful and very useful tools. They brightened up his day and will surely enhance his growth and academic environments for years to come. He was very excited when he received it at school. He brought it home and could not contain his happiness, that moment was priceless for the whole family.

As the parents of [LB] we whole-heartedly appreciate your support and will cherish the fact that Guide Dogs of Hawaii was so gracious in assisting our special needs son.”
– YB & DB, Parents of Client
Young girl with a pony tail and a Guide Dogs of Hawaii t-shirt runs across a grass field. Her fellow campers await her on the side.

“Thank you for letting me have this camp experience. It was my first time going to a camp and it was fun. Learning new things about the blind was fun. I like how we learned to how to use a cane and reading Braille. I learned a lot more than I expected.” – MG, Client

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