7 Reminders for the General Election

By: Office of Elections

Ahead of the 2022 General Election on November 8, we have a few key reminders for Hawaii voters.

  1. Hawaii is a vote-by-mail state.  As a registered voter, your General Election ballot will conveniently arrive in your mailbox.  Gone are the days of carving out time to vote at your assigned polling place.  Hawaii voters are automatically mailed a ballot for every election.
  1. Check that your voter registration is current.  Visit elections.hawaii.gov or call (808) 453-VOTE (8683) to verify that your voter registration is accurate.  By law, ballots cannot be forwarded through the mail, so if you have moved or changed your mailing address, you must update your voter registration.  This can be done online or by submitting a paper Voter Registration Application.
  1. Vote your ballot. You can expect to receive your ballot by October 21 for the General Election.  Read the instructions, mark your ballot with a blue or black pen, seal it in your return envelope, and sign the envelope. 
  1. Sign your ballot return envelope.  The return envelope must be signed for the ballot to be counted.  The signature on your return envelope is compared to the signature on your voter registration record.  If the signature matches, your ballot is accepted and recorded to ensure only one ballot is counted for you.
  1. Ballot must be received by 7:00 pm on November 8.  Voted ballots can be returned by mail or dropped off at a Voter Service Center or Ballot Drop Box within your county.  Click here for Voter Service Center and Ballot Drop Box locations.  Ballots received after the deadline cannot be counted.
  1. Sign up to receive ballot alerts.  Avoid missing the ballot return deadline by signing up for free ballot alerts!  Visit hawaii.ballottrax.net or call (808) 453-VOTE (8683) for assistance with enrolling.  You can choose to receive text, email, and voice alerts for when your ballot is on its way, and reminders to return your ballot as the deadline approaches.
  1. Assistance is available.  If you’re in need of assistance with casting your ballot, consider the following accessible options:
  1. Request an alternate format ballot and mark your ballot using your personal compatible device.  Voters with special needs may opt-in for the electronically transmitted ballot through the Online Voter Registration System or by submitting a Voter Registration Application.  Click here to view a sample alternate format ballot.

Remember, you have the right to ask for assistance in the registration and voting process.  If you need assistance completing a voter registration application, using the Online Voter Registration System, or marking ballot, you are permitted to have a trusted individual, like a family member or caregiver, provide you with the help you need.

Be mindful that to maintain the integrity of the election process, Hawaii law does not permit your employer, an agent of your union, or a candidate to provide assistance.     

Election officials are committed to making sure your vote counts and safeguarding Hawaii’s elections.  If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (808) 453-VOTE (8683).

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