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Meet Our Dedicated Staff Members

“It is my belief that continuity services should be available to our blind and visually impaired residents to allow them to adapt confidently and safely to our continually evolving world. It is this belief that motivates me to work toward the day when any BVI can come into GDH and seek help adjusting to life’s circumstances, at any time of one’s lifetime.”
Jeanne Torres
Executive Director
“GDH as a non-profit has a mission to reach the visually impaired for the state of Hawai'i, with tools and education to assist them with their daily lives, and to see clients grow toward their goals and enjoy their journey with GDH is reward in itself.”
Diane Taketa
Accounting/HR Administrator
“I enjoy working for Guide Dogs of Hawai'i because they provide the services that I wish that I had growing up as a child who is visually impaired. It’s rewarding to see the blind in all stages of life becoming active members of the community.”
Kaili Kameoka
Web Administrator
“I grew up around the Blind, so it’s natural to focus on that with my career. I enjoy creating opportunities for our clients to experience everything life has to offer. Working with the Blind reminds me that although life throws us many challenges and obstacles, we can always control how we perceive and overcome them.”
Aza Torres
Project Manager
“I enjoy the meaningful work we do. We get to connect with some incredible individuals and make lots of great memories along the way.”
Tehani Lopes
Client Support Specialist
I’ve always been fond of GDH because they’ve treated me very well as a client, so being able to help other people who are visually impaired in the same way I received help is a good feeling. I’m happy to be a part of the service GDH provides this community.
Jeremiah Avilla
Program Assistant
“Over the years, Guide Dogs of Hawaii has given me many opportunities and experiences I am grateful for. It is my hope that I can give back to the blind community and help blind individuals like myself to live successful, independent and fulfilling lives, thanks to the resources and opportunities provided from organizations like Guide Dogs of Hawaii.”
Ezra White
Client Support Specialist
I find immense fulfillment in interacting with our blind and visually impaired clients. Engaging in multiple activities with them has not only been a professional responsibility but a personal commitment to fostering a supporting and inclusive environment. I am proud to be part of an organization that is dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with visual impairments, and I look forward to continuing to contribute to our shared mission at Guide Dogs of Hawaii.
Alyssa Kuwamoto
Programs Support Specialist

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