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GDH Tech Newsflash

  • Google Chrome Audio Description
  • JAWS Phonetic spelling
    • Change the amount of time JAWS waits before phonetic announcement
      1. Open Settings Center: Insert + 6 (num row)
      2. Select an Application from the Application list (optional)
        • For all apps press ctrl + shift + D
      3. Type “Phonetic”
      4. Find “When pausing after character navigation, speak character phonetically”, press space bar to cycle through available options
      5. Select OK to save changes.
  • ZoomText 2019 Home License

Activities and Workshops

  • Dolphin Experience
  • Yoga 1.0
  • Connect the Dots podcast

What’s next

Senior Prom Reminders

Date: June 8

Place: Ala Moana Hotel Garden Isle Room

Check In: 5 – 5:45 pm

Client Volunteer Task Groups

  • Greenies: Help care for our new sensory garden
  • House Keeping: Help maintain the new office space for activities
  • Peer Trainers: Help train fellow clients in technology

Podcast Schedule

  • 1st Monday: Monthly Snapshots
  • 2nd and 3rd Monday: Wellness Articles
  • 4th Monday: Featured Articles
  • Podcast Name Suggestions open until June 20, 2019 

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