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Adult Services

For blind or visually impaired residents of Hawaii over the age of 18, we offer support services to help maintain general wellness, independence in the home and community, improve technology and mobility skills and find ways to cope with every day challenges.

Whether looking to improve job skills, establish new travel routes or learn new ways to cope with aging, we can help. No challenge is too big or small.

Words From Our Clients

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Schalene Kobashigawa

“Mahalo GDH for all the goodies I received. The presents were like Christmas but even better. I have been using the magnifier to read the newspaper…especially the comics and feature stories. The measuring bowls and measuring cups are most useful when I cook. The Handivan coupons are a great help for shopping for groceries and visiting the doctors.”
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Charmaine Birchard

“If you ask me how would I describe Guide Dogs of Hawaii in one word, it would be independence because it follows support, encouragement and self-reliance. GDH supports my goals, encourages me to be aware of my full potential and helped me to appreciate my ability to stand on my own and have a strong support system. GDH helped me gain independence.”
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Richard Koja

“Guide Dogs of Hawaii has been great. I really enjoy participating in the different games that they host. It’s a great and safe place for us to socialize since the pandemic.”
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Stanley King

“I’m not very creative, or experienced at arts & crafts but I love getting to try new things that I’ve never done before. It’s a lot of fun. I live alone, so I enjoy getting to come out and interact with other people.”
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Laureen Kukino

“Mahalo to Guide Dogs of Hawaii for all of their fun, interesting and informative activities. I have really enjoyed collecting and sharing recipes, playing bingo and making crafts. Some of the craft items I have made are: an acrylic soap dish and holder, decorating a cigar box and weaving a basket.”

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