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Young at Heart Women’s Book Club

Adult clients gather once a month to engage in book conversations about the books of the month.  This monthly hour gives our adult women a chance to take a break from obligations among women who share the same love of reading while building lasting friendships. If you are at least 18 years old and interested, here are some reasons why our women are a part of this group.

  • You get the chance to talk about books the group read – sharing your feedback about the book is one of the most beneficial part of this group.  You get to express your feelings, frustration and even un-satisfaction with someone who has read the same book along with you.
  • You give yourself the break to read your books on deadline – Sometimes, obligations take priority and your love for reading gets pushed back.  This group allows you to make book reading a priority – taking a break away from daily obligations for yourself.
  • You may read books you would not otherwise read – Each month, the group is assigned a book to read, in addition to a group book choice. Your knowledge and interest is broadened by reading books you never would have selected.
  • Meeting new friends – Because you have a passion for reading, you will meet new friends with the same passion.
  • It can be emotional– Every group meeting is different. The conversations can lead to friendly debates, shared laughter and even sorrow. Being able to emotionally express yourself among women is always  respected in this group.
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