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Get Ahead with Technology

Designed to level the playing field in education, our GAP program:

  • Provides technology aids allowing students independent access to educational materials
  • Inspires students to take ownership of their learning experiences
  • Creates opportunities to develop social and mobility skills

Some of the technology aids we provide are:

  • Braille devices such as Braille writers and note takers
  • Audio devices such as portable talking MP3 players and talking color identifiers
  • Hand held, desktop and portable magnifiers
  • Assistive software such as screen readers and magnifiers
  • Standalone devices such as document readers, scanners and organizers

We know learning extends outside of the classroom so we:

  • Provide access to games, recreational books and hands-on activities
  • Identify interests and create social opportunities while building relationships

Preschoolers don’t need to wait until they get into the school system to build confidence.  Get Ahead with Technology program:

  • Provides adaptive toys to practice social skills
  • Introduces colors, shapes, sounds and textures through tactile books, materials and activities
  • Encourages literacy with Braille and large print books

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