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Stay safe with our washable, reusable face masks. The contours in the fabric allow the mask to tuck beneath the chin and over the nose for a natural fit. They feature adjustable straps that go around the back of the head instead of around the ears, which provide ultimate comfort for all-day wear. These straps also give you the ability to hang the mask around your neck when not in use, instead of possibly losing it or dropping it on the floor. The fabric is triple-lined, with slits to insert a filter if you choose (one PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filter is included with each mask purchased).



The outside of this mask is black with white designs. When worn, the right side of the mask has a silhouette of a guide dog with a small plumeria on its harness. On the left side, sitting on the bottom seam, is the initials of “GDH” in Braille.



100% cotton



One size fits most adults.


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