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American Council of the Blind

ACB advocates for equality of people who are blind and visually impaired, inspires community, and connects you with education, resources, and each other to support your independence.

National Federation of the Blind of Hawaii

The ultimate purpose of the NFB of Hawai`i is the complete integration of the blind into society on a basis of equality. This objective involves the removal of legal, economic and social discriminations; the education of the public to new concepts concerning blindness; and the achievement by all blind people of the right to exercise to the fullest their individual talents and capacities. It means the right of the blind to work along with their sighted neighbors in the professions, common callings, skilled trades, and regular occupations.

Hawaii Association of the Blind

The Hawaii Association of the Blind is a 501c3 non-profit organization, an entity that survives on the generosity of donors who share in the support of Blind and Visually Impaired people in the State of Hawaii.

Hawaii Disability Rights Center

Promotes and advocates for human, civil and legal rights of persons with disabilities. Provides educational advocacy for students with disabilities.

American Foundation for the Blind AFB

AFB has been a leader in expanding possibilities for the over 32 million Americans living with vision loss. A national nonprofit, they champion access and equality, and stand at the forefront of new technologies and evidence-based advocacy. They address the most pressing needs of people with vision loss and their families, breaking down societal barriers and promoting broad systemic change. Like Helen Keller, AFB’s most famous ambassador, they are committed to creating a more equitable world for people with disabilities.

Disability & Communication Access Board DCAB

Serve as a public advocate of persons with disabilities by providing advice and recommendation on legislation, rules, policies, procedures (i.e., Grant Endorsements), and plans relating to persons with disabilities and their civil rights or service needs.

Americans with Disabilities Act ADA

The ADA is one of America’s most comprehensive pieces of civil rights legislation that prohibits discrimination and guarantees that people with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else to participate in the mainstream of American life to enjoy employment opportunities, to purchase goods and services, and to participate in State and local government programs and services. Modeled after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Hawaii Civil Rights Commission

Enforce state laws prohibiting discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations, and access to state and state-funded services/h


Dedicated to ensuring access to affordable Medicare plans for persons with disabilities, has published a  Comprehensive Guide  to understanding Medicare eligibility, coverage and navigating the enrollment process. Living in Hawaii? Valuable information can be found at  Medicare eligibility, coverage and plans for Hawaii residents Non-residents can find information for their respective state at Medicareplans.com

Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Guide Dogs for the Blind harnesses the power of partnerships—connecting people, dogs, and communities—to transform the lives of individuals with visual impairments.

The Seeing-Eye

Breeds and raises puppies to become Seeing Eye dogs;
Trains Seeing Eye dogs to guide blind people;
Instructs blind people in the proper use, handling, and care of the dogs;
Conducts and supports research on canine health and development

Leader Dogs for the Blind

To provide clients with the tools and training to reintroduce them to a life of confidence, safety and independence. Through full-range of services—Guide Dog Training, Orientation & Mobility Training and Summer Experience Camp.

Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Guiding Eyes for the Blind provides guide dogs to people with vision loss.

FIDELCO Guide Dog Foundation

FIDELCO Guide Dog Foundation partners exceptional people who are blind with expertly bred and trained German Shepherd guide dogs, providing all clients with increased independence to improve their lives and the world around them.


Fair Housing in Hawaii – Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD)

HUD provides housing support & uplifts communities

Para Transit

HandiVan Eligibility Center

A guide to help you through the process of applying for TheHandi-Van eligibility.

HandiVan Application

Online form to apply for The HandiVan services.

TheBus Holo Card Pass

A contactless smart card used to pay for public transit fares on the island of Oʻahu in Hawaiʻi. The card is used to hold cash value or passes for use on TheBus, and will also be valid on Honolulu’s rail system when it opens to the public.

Right to Vote

Office of Elections in Hawaii

To provide secure, accessible, and convenient election services to all citizens statewide.


American Association of Retired Persons AARP

AARP fights for age 50 and over individuals and their families at the local, state and national levels. We work on important issues, such as: Leading efforts to update Social Security and promote other retirement savings efforts to help everyone achieve lifetime financial security. Promoting adequate, affordable health care, including prescription drugs and long-term care. Fostering communities with affordable and appropriate housing, as well as supportive community features and options for getting around.

Comprehensive Service Center

The Comprehensive Service Center (CSC) is a one-stop support and referral service funded by the Hawai‘i State Legislature and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation through a contract with the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa Center on Disability Studies (CDS).They provide academic classes, workshops, accessibility support, summer youth programs, and fun events that encourage the inclusion of all consumers.

Hawaii Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Ho’opono Services

“Ho‘opono” comes from the Hawaiian word “ho‘oponopono” meaning “to make things right.” Our mission is to create an environment where students gain the knowledge, skills and positive attitude they need to achieve success in life.

Lighthouse for the Blind & Visually Impaired

Founded in 1902, San Francisco’s LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired promotes the independence, equality and self-reliance of people who are blind or have low vision.

Blinded Veterans Association

BVA is the ONLY congressionally chartered Veterans Service Organization created for, consisting of and led by Visually Impaired Veterans focused on the issues, advocacy and mentorship vital to all veterans and families coping with sight loss regardless of service connection.

Hadley Vision Resources

The mission of Hadley is to create personalized learning opportunities that empower adults with vision loss or blindness to thrive – at home, at work, and in their communities.

Helen Keller Foundation

Integrate laboratory and clinical research to advance the state of vision and hearing research worldwide. Conduct a program of public education on the legacy of Helen Keller emphasizing vision and hearing awareness and the importance of medical research. Develop funding resources and a public relations effort sufficient to support an effective global research and education program.

American Printing House for the Blind

The world’s largest nonprofit organization creating accessible learning experiences through educational, workplace, and independent living products and services for people who are blind and visually impaired.

Library for the Blind and Print Disabled

The Hawaii State Library for the Blind and Print Disabled (LBPD) provides books and magazines in audio and braille for patrons who are certified as having a visual impairment or other physical limitation that prevents them from reading standard printed material.

National Library for the Blind BLS

National Library Service (NLS) is a free braille and talking book library service for people with temporary or permanent low vision, blindness, or a physical, perceptual, or reading disability that prevents them from using regular print materials.


Bookshare® is an ebook library that makes reading easier. Members can access a huge collection of ebooks and read their way with the most customizable ebooks for people with reading barriers. Bookshare operates in the U.S. under a copyright exemption—the Chafee Amendment—which grants nonprofit organizations the ability to make books available to people with print disabilities without publisher permission.

Perkins School for the Blind

Perkins provides unparalleled educational services to children and young adults with blindness, deaf blindness and multiple disabilities. They also share their expertise and collaborate with global changemakers in the fields of education, business, medicine and policy.

Assistive Technology Resource Center of Hawaii ATRC

ATRC is a nonprofit organization, whose mission is to link individuals with disabilities with technology and empower individuals through its use.

Social Security Administration

Provides information for Retirement, Disability, SSI and Medicare benefits.

Smart 911

Plan ahead for any emergency. Give 911 the information to help you fast. sign up now!

Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA

Our mission is helping people before, during and after disasters. Our core values and goals help us achieve it.

National Center on Law & Elder Rights

The national center on law and elder rights provides the legal services and aging and disability communities with the tools and resources they need to serve older adults with the greatest economic and social needs.

Hawaii Access to Independence ATI

Access to Independence Promotes Full Participation of People with Disabilities


Sight Savers of America

Sight Savers America is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that works to identify and secure the eye care needs of children, from their first pair of eyeglasses to extensive sight-saving treatment and high-tech vision aids for those with severe visual impairment.

Freedom Scientific

For over 20 years Freedom Scientific has provided access to print and computers for individuals with blindness and low vision. Allowing blind and low vision individuals the same access to information as their sighted peers.


HumanWare specializes in the design and manufacture of highly intuitive and intelligent solutions for people living with vision loss or visual impairment. From electronic magnifiers to talking GPS to braille devices, HumanWare solutions help all users live independently and participate successfully in today’s world.

Training Centers

Guide Dogs Foundation (NY)

To improve the quality of life for people who are blind, have low vision, or have other special needs.

Guide Dogs of America

At Guide Dogs of America, we transform lives through partnerships with service dogs. We breed, raise, and train guide dogs for individuals who are blind/visually impaired and service dogs for veterans and children with autism. We also place facility dogs with professionals in hospitals, schools, and courtrooms. Our highly skilled canines become trusted companions that increase people’s confidence, mobility, and independence. All programs and services, including transportation, personalized training, room/board, and postgraduate support, are provided at no cost to the recipient.

Freedom Guide Dogs

Freedom Guide Dogs continues to breed, raise, train and place successful working Guide Dogs with those who are blind or visually impaired at absolutely no cost to the recipient through our distinctive program called Hometown training.

Guide Dogs of the Desert

Guide Dogs of the Desert provides mobility, companionship and independence for the blind with custom-trained Guide Dogs

Southeastern Guide Dogs

Southeastern Guide Dogs began in 1982 with a single vision: to help those who cannot see. Today, we also serve veterans with disabilities and children with significant challenges.

Pilot Dogs

We help people who are blind or visually impaired achieve greater independence and mobility.

Kansas Specialty Dog Service, Inc.

KSDS Assistance Dogs, Inc. provides guide dogs for the visually impaired, service dogs for the physically disabled, and facility dogs that assist professionals in the field of education, counseling, and other specialty services. With 1,000+ hours of training and stringent health screenings, KSDS dogs are valued at $25,000. Dogs are placed with clients at no cost.

Gallant Hearts Guide Dog Center

Gallant Hearts is a non-profit, tax exempt organization established in Madison, MS with a mission to provide well-trained, healthy guide dogs to people who are blind.


Animal Industry Division – Guide & Service Dogs Entering Hawaii

Provides definition of eligible dogs, travel requirement, contact information and FAQ

Help Guide Dogs of Hawaii serve the blind community in HawaiiSupport