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Note: Guide Dogs of Hawaii is NOT a guide dog training center. Our volunteer oportunities rarely involve working directly with service animals.

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Hoku Burrows

“I like coming in and volunteering at GDH because it makes me feel like I have a purpose in life. Even if the task may be meager, or simple. When I help do the small things, it gives the staff more time to get to the important stuff. I also enjoy the social interaction, especially after all that time in lock down. I feel like we were put on this planet to help one another. That’s what life is about. I really enjoy helping when I can, and meeting other people. It’s heart warming to be surrounded by good people that are working towards a common goal.”

Jeremiah Avilla

“I’ve participated in camp get ahead multiple times. I can say that they’ve always organized everything very well, and that their activities are always engaging. Every activity you’re either building social skills, learning something new, or breaking out of your comfort zone. Everyone always has a good time, and it gives the youth a chance to build friendships with people in similar situations as themselves in a safe environment. They also learn practical skills that they might be hesitant on learning by themselves, such as cooking, swimming, walking with their cane, self advocation, and more.”

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715 S. King Street, Suite 110
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9:00am - 4:00pm, Monday to Friday

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