Thank You to our Volunteers!

A BIG MAHALO for all of you that were able to spend time with our clients this past Spring Break week!

Roberta teaching our clients how to play YahtzeeWe played Yahtzee at Palama Settlement on Saturday and congratulations to all our winners and especially Roberta since she was the only one who knew the rules & the strategy of filling up your score sheet while getting the most points.

Then it was on to visit Sea Life Park on Tuesday for a fun and educational experience for the 21 people that attended.  We had a couple of special Sea Life Park staff members tell us about the Honu, Hawaii’s special Green Sea Turtle and we were able to feed the 11 large adults (with the largest being a 60-80 year old female weighing in at 400 pounds) and touch (with 2 fingers) a young (1-2 year old) Honu.  WOW! What an experience.

Green Sea TurtleAnd Thursday was a day at the movies where our very large group of 27 people (and one beautiful guide dog – Simon) got to experience the musical ‘The Greatest Showman’ about PT Barnum and how he started the circus.

Special THANKS to Aza and Tehani who were super organized and efficient in keeping things on schedule and we didn’t lose anyone.  And Thank You Vickie for taking us all to the movies by paying for the tickets!


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