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Peer Groups

Through peer support, our clients gain training, tools and resources to live more meaningful and productive lives, while building and strengthening friendships through shared interests.


Jay K and GD Todd

“I enjoy being part of the Guide Dogs 808 group because I gain new insight from other people’s experiences. We all share how we each care and maintain our guide dogs. I can also share my own personal experiences with others.”

Wanda Takaesu

“I really love being part of the Young @ Heart group. I always look forward to our meetings. All of the ladies are so easy going, and I think we learn a lot from each other. I enjoy being able to interact with each other, hearing others opinions on the books we read and working on our activities like the stuffed dog together.”

Debra E. Joyce

“I am so grateful that to have found Guide Dogs of Hawaii. There was nothing like this available for me when I lived in New York, I wish I would’ve moved back home sooner. It’s so awesome to be a part of the Young @ Heart group. I love participating in the programs that you offer. Mahalo GDH. ”

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