“The greatest compliment that was ever paid to me was when one asked me what I thought, and attended to my answer.”

– Henry David Thoreau

Through peer support, our clients gain training, tools and resources to live more meaningful and productive lives, while building and strengthening friendships through shared interests.

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Guide Dogs 808

An older woman stands on a sidewalk with her yellow labrador guide dog.

Guide dog teams residing in Hawaii get together once a month to share experiences, learn about various training centers and participate in planned group activities. All handlers value their partner and share many successes and challenges that only another guide dog handler can understand.

Our Guide Dogs 808’s Hero Pledge:

  • Honor my guide dog and make sure that his welfare is a priority. 
  • Engage in on-going education and strive for continuous improvement in my working relationship with my guide dog.
  • Refrain from criticism or mean-spirited discussion on the handling ability of others, or the quality of the dog.
  • Observe the rules and training techniques to maintain full control of my guide dog to promote the general safety and well-being of my team and the public.

Young at Heart Women’s Group

A young woman guides an older woman toward a lane at a bowling alley.

Women aged 55 and over meet regularly to learn new things, improve leadership and social skills, build strong and healthy relationships with each other, and plan activities and projects they share interest in to promote emotional, mental and physical well-being.

5 objectives of the group:

  1. Be positive: Having an optimistic outlook will help us through challenging times.    
  2. Forget our calendar age: Don’t allow our age to command how we live. 
  3. Stay active: By engaging in fitness activities, we will age well. 
  4. Keep learning: By learning, we maintain an active mind.
  5. Live with purpose: Finding a community or volunteer project will keep us productive. 


Young man stands at a podium on stage, speaking into the microphone. Behind him is a Guide Dogs of Hawaii logo banner.

Blind and visually impaired individuals in their young developing years are often the only one in the school with a vision impairment.  The feeling of not belonging, loneliness and isolation prevents the individual from experiencing the wonderment of childhood, friendships and hinders their potential to excel academically.

Clients, ages 12 to 21, meet regularly to share experiences, build friendships, help others and beat all the feelings of loneliness and isolation. 

Here are some of the benefits:

  1. No longer feeling lonely and isolated
  2. Gain greater confidence
  3. Find ways to cope and adjust to vision loss
  4. Have a place where they can talk openly about their feelings
  5. Share strategies for managing stress, depression or anxiety
  6. Learn about resources, services, and devices that may meet their needs
  7. Able to help others because they understand
  8. Able to set goals with optimism

Words From Our Clients

Jay K and Todd, graduates of Guide Dog Foundation, Long Island NY

“I enjoy being part of the Guide Dogs 808 group because I gain new insight from other people’s experiences. We all share how we each care and maintain our guide dogs. I can also share my own personal experiences with others.”

– Jay K and Todd, graduates of Guide Dog Foundation, Long Island NY
A man and woman stand side by side in front of a lattice at the Ala Moana Hotel.

“I really love being part of the Young @ Heart group. I always look forward to our meetings. All of the ladies are so easy going, and I think we learn a lot from each other. I enjoy being able to interact with each other, hearing others opinions on the books we read and working on our activities like the stuffed dog together.”

Wanda Takaesu – Client
A woman in an orange tank top stands against a wall, smiling for a photo.

“I am so grateful that to have found Guide Dogs of Hawaii. There was nothing like this available for me when I lived in New York, I wish I would’ve moved back home sooner. It’s so awesome to be a part of the Young @ Heart group. I love participating in the programs that you offer. Mahalo GDH. ”

Debra E. Joyce– Client

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